Yoga Begins with Breath


Prevailing wisdom about the 5 koshas, or layers of a person, have been studied and practiced by our brothers and sisters for many centuries. Trauma-Informed trauma-sensitive yoga meditation makes sense of our bodies' responses stressors and changes.

The Physical Body

The physical layer is what most of us experience with any sort of awareness. We know when something hurts or is injured. The beautiful five physical senses tell us how things feel.


The Subtle Body

Sheathed by the physical layer, the pranamaya kosha composes our energetic body and is involved movement, or animation. This is our vital life force. Some people may understand it as holy spirit. Others experience it as chi, qi or ki as talked about in Chinese medicine and martial arts. 

The animating force behind every atom, cell, organ, and body system, prana coordinates every physiological activity, from the pumping of the heart to the digestion of nourishing foods. It fuels our vital life force. 


Today’s Yoga Medicine

Modern medical science has ignited new understandings of the subtle body; the interstitium was declared a major human organ in 2018. Neuroscientists are discovering connections we make unconsciously, that we now know we can re-wire consciously in areas of mental and emotional health. I am not a scientist but I geek out on this stuff and I know one thing:


It’s an exciting time for yoga.