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Updated: Dec 13, 2018


My offerings include continuing studies, or contact hours, for yoga teachers and creativity workshops for people who are experiencing transition in their lives.

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Below are some beautiful Haiku poems inspired by my students at a courage-building workshop.

What brings us to worry?

Is it fear about others?

Or about ourselves?


Devan B



i see no in, no control

i love and hate only me


Sindra P


Hot sun dirty feet

We played till the street lights came on

Mosquitos our night


Jill S


The people. The lights.

I am but man, imperfect.

Seeking the unfound.


Scott B


I strive and I yearn

It is unattainable

Beautiful weirdness


Chas C.


Three little birds

Perch by my doorstep singing

Don't worry bout a thing.


John M.


freedom comes with God

letting go of perfection

acceptance is key


Tripp B.


My daughter is my worry

That she might drink and use drugs

I just pray for her


Lewis T.


I can't stay focused

Mind racing everywhere

Just slow down and think


Crystal J


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